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Kickin’ It with a Limo Service

My Man John just set up this web site that’s just so simple it’s SICK.

He’s a good friend of mine that’s been tryin’ to quit his job for years and I think he’s onto something.

He set up this Limo site where he gets phone calls from people that wanna rent a limo in Washington, DC or Maryland, or even Pennsylvania.  The kicker is that he ain’t got no limo company!

He sends all these calls to real limo companies that take the call and they give him a piece of the action as a referral fee.

That’s a helluva sweet deal.  I guess the trick is knowing how to get people to his new website and to call that magic phone number.

He seems to have some mad skilz when it comes to that kinda stuff.

The boy is pullin’ in about $2k/month just sending phone calls to a damn limo company!

That’s got me thinking…  I need to get off my ass and do something to make my life better!

Maybe I should start a Limo Service and have John sell it online for me?  That’d be a helluva an idea, huh?

On second thought, maybe it’d be better just to stick to the online stuff.  A limo service would be a lotta work.  lls.

I got my hands full already with network marketing, working this WUN angle seems to be doing me good.

My boy, Ken Mabry has me set up with a full downline already (thanks, bro!).

Anyway!  The website thing is killer though.  Set up a website, use your skills to get it ranked on Google, convince a local business to take the referrals, and just sit back and collect the damn checks!

I need to hang out more with John to figure this Google ranking shit out!  He says it’s easy, but the boy’s been doing this stuff for years.

“Easy” for him.  LMAO.

Hats off to you, bro.  Keep kickin’ it, and I’ll be joinin’ you soon.