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Killer Carpet Cleaning Service in Gaithersburg, MD

Yo, Readers!

I gotta give a shout out to my boy Jay over at Gaithersburg Carpet Cleaning.  I’ve known him for over three years now…  helluva fantasy football buddy.

Anyway, I had no idea he ran this carpet cleaning biz in addition to owning two other companies.  The boy is BUSY, but he gets the job done!

I overheard him talkin’ to another one of our friends about his carpet biz, so I asked him about doing a job on my house.  I’ve got two big-ass German Shepherd Dogs that shed like crazy and keep my carpets FILTHY.

It ain’t so much that I’m a disgusting guy…  I clean.  I clean a LOT.  It’s just tough to keep things up when you decide to live with two of the beasts.

The shedding is the toughest part…  it’s damn near impossible for a home vacuum and shampoo machine to get all that dog hair outta the carpet fibers.

So, I got my man to come out…  well, actually, it was his crew that came out, but that doesn’t matter right now.

They took about three hours to deep clean my carpets.

H.o.l.y  S.h.i.t.

What a difference…

I forgot what my carpets were supposed to look like.  The house smells unbelievable. Soooo much fresher.

Friends, you gotta try this out.  If you’ve never had a deep clean…  a DEEP down professional clean done on your carpets.  You gotta try this!

Again, my boy Jay’s biz is Gaithersburg Carpet Cleaning.  Go to, or give ‘em a call at (240) 848-7100.