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Atlas is Tuned In & Turned On!

Awwww, yeaaahhh!

Errbody can relax, cause Atlas is online and preachin’!

Welcome All, to my awesome new blog.

We’ll be dishin’ up the straight talk on all KINDS of Internet Businesses over the months to come.

Hell, I might even get on a roll and give a shout out to some of my hometown shops every now and then.  (You hear that, locals?  Treat me right, and you’ll get the ol’ Atlas BUMP!, lol…)

If it’s out there, I’ll eventually be talkin’ about it.

First, I gotta give cred where cred is due…  My man, Ken Mabry, he’s the straight-up genius that’s helped me figure out this Internet blogging thing and got me up and running.

You da man, Ken Mabry!  I’m PUMPED about gettin’ this blog started and joining your Wake Up Now Empire, buddy!

Seriously… I can’t say enough about this guy.  He’s a NASA engineer turned marketer that’s helped me change my life!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop his name and say thanks, bro.

About Atlas Bowling

My story’s just gettin’ started.

I’m a sales guy that’s been looking for a way to support myself and my family without having to be chained down to a daily 9-5 job.

I’ve been looking for a LONG time, and I finally think I figured it out.

The problem all this time’s been ME.

I’ve been over-thinking everything.  I been thinking like crazy, but I haven’t done a damn thing.

I had all these plans, but I kept goin’ over ‘em in my head and never doing anything with ‘em.

A good friend of mine was tellin’ me how he’s makin’ a KILLIN’ online.

I started thinking to myself… “damn, man…  This guy just plain sucked at sales.  How’s he killin it when I can’t make a dime.  I’m supposed to be the sales MASTER!”

I don’t wanna dis on my friend too much…  he might read this some day.

But I KNOW if he can do it… so can I.

The difference is, he just stopped thinking so much.  He actually started DOING shit, you know what I mean?

Yeah, he screwed up a few times.  But now he’s makin’ bank, and he’s way the HELL ahead of me.

Update for October 2014, my boy is into somethin’ new!  He’s ditched the Empower Network (see hisEmpower Network review), and is onto somethin’ big.  Click on his review link to find out more about it.

So, no more excuses, baby!

I’m on this b!tch!  LOL

Y’all check back soon, I’ll be loadin’ up this blog with some killa content.

‘Til then…



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